Cleaning paper promoting optimum print quality and throughput. It Reduces hanging & embedded Chad (confetti’s) issues with continuous forms. Web Cleaning minimizes contamination of developer and toner thereby maximizing life of consumables.

Reduces your printer maintenance cost by minimizing wear & tear and damage to drums,print heads and hardware components.


Flat Coating


Optimize your prints by adding a very thin layer of coating. Very easy to operate and clean at reduce cost compaired to plastic lamination. The new cold curing technology from Argos Solutions doesn't heath up your media, only 25° Celsius which allow you to process your paper directly after coating. This is the perfect solution if you need to coat double side with our unique sheet turner

Working with Argos Solutions, a European Development and Manufacturing company, guarantees all customers superior product quality as well as access to the highest standards required by European legislation.


The eye for detail: a careful selection of the choice of raw materials and the processes of manufacturing provide reliable and high quality results.


By choosing a European company, buyers are demonstrating that they are aware of the need to protect the environment and they can be certain that the working conditions in those companies are just and fair, an important principle for our society.


Intellectual Property Rights are widely respected in all European industries. We respect the creative energy that goes into the development of content and design of printed material and work within the relative standards.


Located in the Center of Europe, South-West from Brussels, gives you all advantages for easy and fast deliveries all over the world!

Selective Coating


Also called raised printing or spot coating. Compaired to other systems, the MK series from Argos Solutions can print on any substrate without a pre threathment, even on digital printed sheets. The attractive purchase cost of the system and the low running cost allow smaller print shops to affort the Argos Solutions systems which are available in both B3 and B2 size format at reasonable speed.

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