Flat Coating

Add more value to your prints, lowest cost per page

Argos Solution proposes 3 type of UV flat coating systems which can be used in handfed, automatic and inline mode to digital print systems. Having more than 100 year cumulated experiance in paper finishing solutions, our team has all knowledge in house to develop and build state of the art UV Coating systems


L380 V.4 / L380 LED

available in both conventional or LED lamp system

Maximum up to 35 meters /minute

Up to 5000 A3/hour

Maximum Paper Width 380mm

IR lamps if needed

Optional Feeder available

Feed substrate Up to 10 mm thickness

OEM branding possible

Ozone free lamps

Very small footprint of 1m³




F400 V.4 / F400 LED

available in both conventional or LED lamp system

Maximum 45 m/minute

Up to 6000 A3/hour

Maximum Paper width 400mm

Inline bridge to HP or other print engines

Optional Feeder/stacker

Optional Coating Pre heating

IR Lamps if needed

HP ILF interface available





F540 V.4 / F540 LED

available in both conventional or LED lamp system

Maximum 45 m/minute

Up to 7500 A3/hour

Maximum paper width 540mm

Feeder / Stacker option

Inline connection to printers

Adjustable lamp power up to 160W/cm

LED Lamp Power adjustable over HMI screen

Optional LED Lamp Chiller if no central system is present



Unique "cold curing" technology - Argos Solutions have removed the risk involved with high temperature conventional UV coaters eliminating the risk of burning any substrates - Only 25°celcius temperature on paper. Zero ozone emissions - unlike other coaters.Uses less power than other coating machines - Power sleep mode between sheets brings consumption down with 50%After coating papers are odourlessWith this cold curing technology all unpleasant odours on the substrate or the machine are eliminated unlike other UV equipment - making for a more pleasant working environment for the operatorDuplex coating option available.Optional automatic feeding and stacking units availableLarge diameter rollers and fluid pre-heating for superior finish.Coated papers are delivered at room temperature - so no wrinkling or shrinkage and immidiately ready for further finishing.


Cost per page

By using a special cold UV lamp technology, highest standards of material used inside our machines, the Argos UV Coaters only consumes 2 gram of coating / square meter where other manufacturers are having a hard time to stay below 10 gram / square meter. This on top to the low currency running cost and the special function to bring the UV Lamp in sleep mode, makes the Argos UV Coating machines as the lowest running cost per page in the market!


And even lower cost per page thanks to the new LED technology used inside our flat coaters, from the small to the biggest sheet size machines! LED has been proven to be the green technology for the future by using less power, no heat extraction any longer and creating higher gloss levels.




Standards in our machines

Unique Selling Points


  • Quick release rollers
  • High Quality Scraper
  • Infeed paper guides
  • Low running temperature
  • Hi reliability
  • Easy set up and maintenance
  • Hi Felxibility
  • Compatible with all types of print engines output
  • Duplex as option available
  • Standard Remote support technology over internet or smartphone and tablets
  • Manufacturing procedures ISO 9000 and 10001 Quality procedures.
  • All components, including UV lamp and power supply are individually certified following the latest safety and health regulations
  • The machines are RoHs compliant.
  • CE/ETL/CSA label
  • Innovative Cold UV lamp system
  • Sleep mode function between sheets brings down the power consumption down with 70%!!
  • High precision hardchrome rollers
  • Hannecard Rubber rollers
  • Swiss quality scraper to avoid coating on back side
  • Complete closed lamp system with IR Quartz filter to avoid burns of the media
  • Special IR absorbing decroic lamp reflectors.
  • Complete Ozone free lamp
  • Fast start and restart system
  • Digital transformers allowed by European Safety standards



  • Duplex sheet turner
  • IR closed lamp system
  • Automatic feeder
  • Automatic drops stacker
  • Inline conveyor to printers
  • Inline Creasing module


all components used in our machines are having one of these certifications:


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