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At the beginning of March this year, the Argos Inspiration Days brought together in one single interactive environment every stage of the graphical chain so that anyone faced with creation, production and delivery could see the entire process from start to finish, where Argos Solutions is a market leader.

What was the idea behind the Argos Inspiration Days?

“Print industry is multi-disciplinary and multi-sectorial, making production, creation and delivery a necessary step for any print professional at some point in the process. That’s why I decided to create and co-organize the Argos Inspiration Days, offering all the aspects in the graphical chain, on one single place, with live demo’s from the complete digital workflow” tells Tony Michiels, founder and CEO of Argos Solutions.

As of now, every two years, the Argos Inspiration Days is scheduled to take place in Brussels in a unique venue for people in the print industry and related sectors to get together and talk business.

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