Standards in our machines

Unlimited Options for Argos Flat Coaters

With the option list from Argos Solutions, you can increase the possibilities of your machine part and personalies your configuration follow your needs to be ready for the future


STD sheet turner

This unique Sheet Turner for Duplex coating allows you to turn the sheets upside down so you can feed them in a second coater to duplex finiting in one pass. This is only possible thanks to the cold curing technology which is bringing the curing down to a couple of seconds where open lamp system needs hours to have a final cure



Feeders & Stackers

To increase the output in your production, several feeders and stackers are available for all type of machine. All of them are stand alone units which can be taken away ver easily but connected to the unique inline interface from Argos Solutions

















Job tracking and reporting (JTR)

document integrity starts to be very important, even in paper finishing. Argos Solutions is offering a wide range of integrated job tracking and reporting so the customer can track and trace each document inside the coating procedure. This is only possible thanks to the use in latest generation electronics.











When the JTR is connected to the external Site Manager tracking server, it can provide additional functionality such as:

• Full production tracking, The Site Manager uses the tracking information sent by

scanners mounted on the coating machines.

• Variable data matching / retrieval, JTR sends the Site Manager complete

information on every control/verification performed on each inspected page.

• Duplicates check, Check a job and document ID‘s against a database to ensure

that any single document of any single job has been coated.

• Sequence verification, Verifies and ensures the proper pages / document


• Production integrity verification

• A wide range of production reports can be produced.


RST (Remote Support Technology)

this allows Argos Solutions to give remote support to engineers for each individual machine connected over the internet at Argos Solutions


Inline Coating Kit

Different solutions are availabe from roller tables, simple belts, special infeed plates and vacuum transport belt in order to get the smoothest working flow between the printer and the UV Coaters


By using the latest generation electronics and CAN open communication tools, Argos Solutions can send and receive the most complex interface signals and translate them into the best working interfaces such as ILF (HP), DFA (Xerox) and many other type 1 and type 2 interfaces


Perforation & Creasing

We recognized the need in the market for inline finishing after coating in order to avoid extra production steps and human failures. Argos Solutions can provide different solutions, inline with the coaters, such as:

- perforating

- creasing

- cutting (by ex SRA3 into full bleed A4)

- others


Unique Selling Points


  • Quick release rollers
  • High Quality Scraper
  • Infeed paper guides
  • Low running temperature
  • Hi reliability
  • Easy set up and maintenance
  • Hi Felxibility
  • Compatible with all types of print engines output
  • Duplex as option available
  • Standard Remote support technology over internet or smartphone and tablets
  • Manufacturing procedures ISO 9000 and 10001 Quality procedures.
  • All components, including UV lamp and power supply are individually certified following the latest safety and health regulations
  • The machines are RoHs compliant.
  • CE/ETL/CSA label
  • Inovative Cold UV lamp system
  • Sleep mode function between sheets brings down the power consumption down to 50%
  • · High precision hardchrome rollers
  • · Hannecard Rubber rollers
  • · Swiss quality scraper to avoid coating on back side
  • Complete closed lamp system with IR Quartz filter to avoid burns of the media
  • Special IR absorbing decroic lamp reflectors.
  • Complete Ozone free lamp
  • Fast start and restart system
  • Digital transformers allowed by European Safety standards


  • Duplex sheet turner
  • IR closed lamp system
  • Automatic feeder
  • Automatic drops stacker
  • Inline conveyor to printers
  • Inline Creasing module


all components used in our machines are having one of these certifications:


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