PureClean 5.0.2 Web-Sweep™ Systems neutralize and clean paper dust and paper chad from continuous forms. Web Cleaning minimizes dust contamination of the inkjet print heads. Reduces your printer and inkjet heads maintenance cost. The Web-Sweep cleaning heads are fitted with interior and exterior anti-static bars if needed, facilitating efficient removal of contaminants during the cleaning process. Neutralizing the static bond of particulate on the web allows the nine opposing off-set agitator brushes to dislodge contaminants through “contact cleaning”. The high velocity perpendicular air stream to the paper path blasts contaminants into the multi-stage, high efficiency filters, using the “non-contact cleaning” process. In addition to anti-static bars, the webcleaner heads are equipped with grounded brushes that minimize static electricity build-up on paper feeding into high speed printers. The anti-static brushes stretch across both sides of the paper, agitating paper dust, paper chad and other particulate that are then vacuumed away and collected by PureClean AirSystems™ . Superior end product quality is achieved while reducing downtime of high-speed printers and inserters, as well as complying with health and safety guidelines for operators.