Argos Solutions develops, manufactures and sells UV coating machines for the cut-sheet digital print market and retails web-cleaning units for the continuous feed printing industry.

Services available are:

  • Technical development and integration of print finishing solutions
  • UV technology training in our R&D center in Belgium

Training includes: UV flat coating applications, SPOT coating uses “MK3”, High Definition ‘ultra-high gloss’ UV coating application productions ‘HD’.

  • On-site training for international customers
  • Worldwide logistics (for machine delivery and spare parts management)
  • Remote access services for all contractual customers
  • Schooling for customers and retail partners to optimize the use of UV-coating
  • Software integration to print engines, feeders and stackers
  • Engineering development work in cooperation with specialized service partners
  • International events and management of promotional tools

All services provided are subject to prior evaluation of needs and expectations, corresponding to each customer. According to individual feedback received and revision of the situation, the best suited solution will be put forward, giving each customer access to the highest added value of their request.