Launched during the Canon VIP days in Poing, Munich.

Press Release – 16 March 2021 Argos Solutions SCRL who specializes in developing and manufacturing state of the art coating and UV-coating machines for the digital printing industry, announces moving their HQ from Brussels, Belgium to Palm Beach, Florida in the USA.  This step is in line with Argos Solutions Group strategic decision to increase

Time for a Change

Press Release 02/02/2020 Argos Solutions has been very innovative over the last 10 years in the field of digital print finishing solutions, resulting in breathtaking coating solution results. We have proven to operate in a unique way as a company by listening and carefully analyzing our customer’s needs and delivering efficient solutions in the shortest

28 March2019Brussels, Belgium and Stockholm, Sweden Plockmatic Industrial, part of Plockmatic Group and Argos Solutions joint R&D effort results in the launch Plockmatic AQUA, the first Aqueous IR/Thermal-Air drying coater. -We have seen the need to develop a special IR/Thermal-Air drying system in order to connect it to the new Plockmatic Fully Automatic Head module,