F575 V.5 UV Extended


Cold UV Lamp System

The Argos cold UV lamp system avoids heat radiation in direct contact with the media. The cold UV cassette system is a complete encapsulated lamp, which uses constantly PLC driven cooling technology. The temperature of the entire cold lamp cassette, as well as the heat transfer to the media doesn’t reach more than 30° Celsius or 86° Fahrenheit. A quartz filter prevents direct contact between the lamp and media, filtering out the IR heat radiation of the lamp, resulting odorless coated paper. The intelligent sleep mode function between jobs attributes to substantial saving on the electricity bill. And the unique sensor sheet tracking system provides the highest safety standards eliminating media burns while constantly tracking media throughput.

Wax Based Toners Optional Kit

Wax toner printing systems change the surface tension of the printed surface in such a way that document finishing becomes complex. Not for the Argos Coaters, we use a special IR lamp system with borosilicate tempered glass between the IR lamp and the media. This glass and the unique cooling system avoid media burns. The unique IR lamp system necessary for typical wax based toner cut sheet printer such as; all Ricoh, Canon, Xerox and Konica Minolta printers and also for the Fujifilm inkjet & Jet Press 720. Argos Flatcoaters can run without IR for prints coming from Canon i300 inkjet press, Xerox Brenva, Xerox iGen. Output from roll feed solutions (after cutting) such as Xeikon toner based, Xeikon inkjet, Screen Truejet & Ricoh VC60000 printers.

  • Specifications
    Paper width 200-575 mm / 7.87-22.64"
    Paper length 250-740 mm / 9.84-29.13"
    Optional long length 1,000 mm / 39.37"
    Min paper weight 150 gsm / 100 LB bond, 55 LB cover
    Max paper weight 600 gsm / 405 LB bond, 222 LB cover
    Speed per min 20-45 meters / 65.62-147.64 feet
    Lamp technology cold UV Quartz
    Lifetime Cold UV 1,500 hours
    Wax based toner IR kit optional
    HD function extended conveyor
    Applied coating 2-4 grams / square meter
    Voltage 3 x 400 V + N + G (EU)
    Amperage 24 amp
    Air knife standard
    Lamp shutter standard pneumatic controlled
    Remote support standard
    Certifications CE - ETL - UL/ULC (in progress)