MK3 Spotcoater


The Argos compact MK3 Spot Coater can provide the quality of digital coating up to 80 microns embossing you expect from a Spot LED Printer without speed loss on the paper throughput. Utilizing the Argos exclusive proprietary feeding technologies and Windows based GUI, setup times are fast, producing the first print that is sellable sheet. High Production inkjet heads are used in the MK3 because of their reliability and printing performance. The MK3 allows you to overprint a varnish layer on huge varieties of printed applications such as brochures, postcards, business cards, greetings cards, invitations, certificates, and many others…

  • Specifications
    Print heads 10 x Ricoh 4L
    DPI 600 x 600 HD
    Feeding capacity 400 mm
    Min sheet size 250 x 400 mm
    Max sheet size 364 x 740 mm
    Paper transport vacuum belt
    Real paper output up to 600 sheets (SRA3)
    Thickness of print 15 to 100 microns
    Sheet thickness 150 - 600 gsm
    Speed loss vs. thickness no loss of speed
    Curing pin + final LED air
    Outfeed catch tray standard
    Cleaning automatic capping and cleaning
    GUI - PC controller windows based
    Print format PDF / TIFF
    Auto correction 2 - camera system
    Correction software Axode
    Support remote support over internet connection